• Welcome To Our Church

    Welcome to Sunday Worship at Warwick Central Baptist Church.  We would be delighted to have you join us.   Although we worship in a new format we come before God with praise for all He does in our lives.  Let us come with joy as we worship, celebrating our time together online.  We ask that you contact the church office by Friday and leave your name and email so the church can add  you to the list of those receiving the invitation to our service.   We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

    Warwick Central Baptist Church Online Worship Services

    When:   Weekly from Sun MARCH 15  – JUNE, 2020  10am-11am 
    Church Office:  401-739-2828
    June 7th Worship Leader – Rev. Kathryn Palen, Associate Executive Minister for Elder Care Ministries, American Baptist Churches of RI 

    Building Blocks Child Care Program set to re-open on June 8th
    Contact  the program office for more information and the changes that will take place

    Our leadership teams are making plans for re-opening our doors for our worship services and other events.  We will keep you posted as decisions are made.

    We continue to pray for all around the world who are suffering at this time in health or loss of family.  Let us hold fast to God’s faithfulness and rest assured that He holds all in His care.  May God’s peace be with you.

    Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, the members of the Warwick Central Baptist Church extend a warm welcome and invite you to visit our church through this page. WCBC is a community of believers that is committed to Growing in Christ, Sharing Christ and Serving Christ together.

    We welcome people of all walks of life as we seek to build a healthy spiritual community with love and humility, reflecting the character of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We strive to blend the faith witness and wisdom of our older members with the excitement and enthusiasm of the younger people, so that our life together, and the ministries that emerge from our fellowship, are fresh, vital, and prophetic.

    You will find Warwick Central to be relaxed in its style worship, and, while we wish to you make you feel most welcome, we do recognize that it can sometimes feel intimidating to enter a church you’re not familiar with. You are our respected and welcome guest, and we hope you will feel as comfortable in our house as you would in that of a valued friend. Please don’t hesitate to ask our greeters at the door if you have any questions, or need somebody to help you manage the Bible and Hymnal during the service.

    We hope, as well, that this information will give you a better understanding of the way we worship, and help you feel more at home when you join us.

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  • Food Drive

    During the pandemic helping others with donations of non-perishable food is needed more than ever. Our church is responding by asking our church congregants to drop-off food items to 881 Greenwich Ave – Greenwood Commons, E25, Warwick (front porch). All food will be brought to the West Bay Community Action food pantry with permission of… Read more

  • Come Worship With Us

    Worship Service
    Sunday - 10-11am online

    Communion Service - 1st Sunday

    Communion is open to all believers. Partake as you feel led by the Lord.

    Adult Bible Study:
    Sunday - 9am online through May
    Teen Discipleship Class:
    Sunday – 10:15am tbd
    Children's Discipleship Classes:
    Sunday – 10:45am tbd

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