Pastor’s Page – June 2019

One Anothering…..
Making the Church Hum

Timing is everything. It’s good to be back. Heck, even Dr. Ken Rudman around the rotary still had me listed in his dental computer from our time before. When Pat Hernandez called me, an opportunity to be your interim pastor fell into my lap! Isn’t God full of surprises? Now a word about interims, as I begin my 2nd one among you: All preachers are interims. Some just last longer than others. One thing I discovered in writing a book on transition was, there is never a time when we’re not in some kind of transition. Were all transitory. Even church members are interims. That is the fluid nature of existence.

But our anchor holds and grips the solid rock, because “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb. 13:8). Permanence is for deity not humanity. Meanwhile, life is lived in the meantime. And sometimes meantime can get pretty mean. Those up in years like unto me, know what that means. God provided the antidote for our transitoriness, found in the faith community, for the living of these days. How blessed Apponaug is to have your presence here. And blessed are those who take advantage of it.

My goal for our church is to do whatever it takes to keep this church humming; to maintain the momentum and good progress headed in the right direction as Pastor John so aptly pointed it. Every decision will be based on what’s best for the church. Not me, but the church.

My vision is the same as Jesus’ as found in Luke 4:16-20. My mission statement is to lead people to Christ and grow people in Christ. My motto is: “We reserve the right to accept everybody.” Two things I enjoy doing are to make people think and help them to laugh. So, I take myself lightly but my calling seriously.

Libby and I feel blessed indeed to have a place among you in this special place.

From Br’er Dan

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