Pastor’s Page – July 2020

Finding a New Normal in Small Things

            During the past few months, how often have we heard people talk about a “new normal”?

            Folks are speculating about how all kinds of things will change in a post-pandemic world. Will we still shake hands? What about salad bars? Will we continue using technology for virtual meetings and even worship?

            During our June worship services we reflected on what it means when the church calendar tells us we’ve entered the season often called Ordinary Time, but everything else points to our being in an anything-but-ordinary time.

            I hope you will join us on Sunday mornings during July as we shift our focus a bit. We’ll be considering how we might catch glimpses of God’s realm breaking into our world as we continue through this unordinary time.

            For me, paying attention to “glimpses” has become important.

I’ve been home a lot more and learning to work in new ways. I’m trying to develop a new normal that will help me keep a better balance in my day-to-day life.

That new normal includes paying closer attention to small things.

Instead of rushing through walks with my dog, Wilbur, I remind myself there’s no need to hurry home just so I can head out to the office or another commitment. I try to pay attention to how the sunlight filters through tree leaves that are still wet from the morning dew. I try to listen to the increasing diversity of chirps and tweets and songs of the birds that make their summer home around my condo. I try to be grateful that Wilbur can join me on these walks since several months ago he couldn’t use his hind legs.

I’ve also noticed other small things that have brought joy and hope. Some are gestures others have offered me, and some are things I’ve done but might have missed at other times.

Being with you this summer also has allowed me to catch glimpses of God’s love and grace in the world. Thank you for that gift and for the welcome you have extended during these unordinary days.

While we—both individually and as a congregation—continue working to find a new normal, I invite you to join me in looking for “glimpses” that remind us that God continues to break into our world. And I encourage you to notice at least one small thing today and then embrace the joy or hope it offers.

                                                                                                Grace and peace,


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