Pastor’s Page – January 2022

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How many of you are in the habit of making New Year’s Resolutions? Now let me ask you an even tougher question: how many of you are in the habit of keeping your resolutions? Let me guess, the portion of people who raised their hands for the first question is significantly higher than the group of people who raised their hands for the second question. Well, I’m here to help this year. I actually think that resolutions can be very positive, especially when it comes to your spirituality. So I have some suggestions. I have tried to make them “manageable” so they don’t scare you away from giving it a real shot!

  • Increase your prayer life: Jesus tells us that we should be in prayer constantly. I know few if any people who are able to remain in constant prayer, so we could definitely use an increase in our prayer life. Many people find routine helpful when they are praying. Some pray when they get up in the morning, some pray before bed. Your resolution here is to find some place in your day where you can put in five extra minutes for prayer, and try to make it habitual.
  • Scripture Reading– Just like prayer, I’m a big believer that we could all do with a bit more scripture in our lives. There are multiple ways you can increase your scripture life. First, just like prayer, it is good to make the reading a habit. Choose a set time that you can read on a daily basis. But what to read? There are several ways you could tackle this. You could use one of the devotionals, like Our Daily Bread or the Upper Room. These will provide you with a good variety of guided scriptures. Alternatively, you could choose an area of the Bible to focus on. Maybe your goal is to read all of the Psalms. Or perhaps you’d like to read the four gospels. If you are really ambitious, maybe you could tackle the whole Bible in 2022!
  • Volunteering- At the church, we are always looking for people to get involved with our various teams and projects. Maybe this year, try out a new team? Sometimes God uses us in unexpected ways. Maybe this year He is calling you to try something new! If you want more information on our teams, just see the team leaders: Beverly Mason for Caregivers, Patti Piscopio for Missions, Dave Maine for Discipleship, Heather Lindsey for Worship, Ron Zangari for Finance, Bill Place for Property, and Carol Myatt for the Women’s Council.

These are just three possibilities, but I promise you there are so many more options out there! I am a big believer that as Christians we are to never grow complacent in our faith, but rather constantly seek to be improving it and deepening our relationship with God. So I ask you to prayerfully consider a path for the new year, and be sure you fully commit yourself to following that path in 2022.

that path in 2022.

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