Pastor’s Page – January 2021

From Your Temporary Shepherd     

Greetings, everyone!  Happy New Year!

It was a great joy to be with you for this Advent and (continuing) Christmas season, and I want to thank all of you who helped make it so meaningful:

To the Worship Team and all who participated in worship services, who served as worship leaders, read the Advent skits and lit the candles; to the tech people who made the Zoom services go so well, with all the intricacies I don’t begin to understand;

To Don and Natasha, for blessing us with beautiful music each week – and to Don for singing all our hymns;

To Amber, who has perfected the art of being “secretary-at-a-distance,” retrieving my midnight messages, putting the pieces together so it all makes sense – all the while tutoring her children’s online lessons and running her household. (At least she doesn’t have to decipher my handwriting!)

To all those who faithfully served on boards and teams this year, who kept the finances in order, and the church ministries running smoothly during a most challenging time for us all;

To the members of the Search Team, for your faithfulness in fulfilling the enormous task of seeking out the pastor whom God has in mind for your church;

To all who donated to the various mission projects, reminding us all that there are many ways to be the church;

To all who have kept in touch with those who are ill or homebound, making calls and sending notes to remind them that they are loved;

To all who have worked so hard for the Lord this year, often without notice or thanks – and sometimes during difficult days;

To all of you who know that Warwick Central Baptist is special in your lives, and who bring your best selves and best gifts to it – in season and out.

THANK YOU                  THANK YOU!                     THANK YOU!

Rev. Jerrie

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