Pastor’s Page – January 2020

“The Interim Church”

The interim period between pastors is somewhat like autumn…
*a time of participation,
*a time of watching and waiting,
*a time of uncertainty,
*a time of hope and promise.

It is preparing for the approaching season of expectancy.
not a time to hibernate and allowing the church’s metabolism to drop.
Or grow weak while existing on past glories,
when “how it used to be” is the favorite standard raised.

The interim period can be a time to grow more vital.
*to discover hidden strengths,
*to test new ideas,
*to vent emotions and heal hurts,
*renew faith and resolve,
*embrace inevitable change,
*and look forward to the future God has in store for us.

The interim church should put away “childish things,”
* to be of good cheer for the new day that’s coming…
*old things have passed away,
*to claim the promise of rejuvenation,
*new banners unfurled,
*fresh enthusiasm soars,
*new voices speak,
*listening practiced.

The interim church has “resurrection potential,”
*to defrost its frozen assets.
*The congregation is revitalized,
*as it waits on tiptoe for “the one who is to come.”

The interim church can experience new purpose,
*intentionally grow stronger,
*and mature in faith, hope, and love.

“Behold, I make all things new.”

from Interim Pastor Dan

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