Pastor’s Page – April 2020

“This is a good year for Easter”

As I write this, things are looking pretty bleak. The news is so
negative, about the impact of the caronovirus. The stock market crash,
grocery stores picked clean, states closing borders, confined to our
homes, stoking dread and apprehension. It feels like so much of our
lives is being cancelled.

But they can’t cancel the church! So I wanta sound another note
for our people, in the midst of the darkness surrounding us: “He that is
in you is greater than he that is in the world” (I John 4:4).

It’s easy to succumb to the fear of the crowd when everywhere you
turn is negative news. The hard part is to keep your head when many
others seem to be in panic mode. Nevertheless, there are some bright
spots on the horizon. It’s left to us to manage our expectations about
what will happen next. And it’s likely that the next few weeks will take
time and call for patience to see where this thing goes.

During this in-between period, there will be uncertainty and fear
with brief pockets of hope. I have every confidence that a cure will be
discovered. Americans, when they pull together and not apart, have
demonstrated an ability to overcome great obstacles. The best and
brightest people in the field of medicine are laboring to find a solution to
this alarming state of affairs. Over time there will be remedies found to
counteract the outbreak. There will be a large part of the population
with pre-existing illnesses that might still die but many more will be
saved. Once the tide turns, I’m guessing that the mood will sharply pivot
from fear to relief.

Disasters have a way of bringing us together. I’m hoping that this
awful situation might unite us with a common goal of not only defeating
this outbreak, but preparing us for a smarter approach towards
international trade, (especially with China), and ensuring better systems
to help with our medical care. Sometimes it takes a disaster to make us
stop taking things for granted and pushes us towards collaborating on
improving things for ourselves and future generations.

Now as for the church. We sure miss being with all y’all. And we
have each other. We’re not a bunch of fly-by-nights. Some of us may be
“huckleberry’s,” but most of us have good sense. So let us be hopeful of a
positive outcome. And most of all, take heart that this is a mighty good

year for Easter! Let us continue to pray for each other and above all, rely
on that encouraging scripture, “He that is in us is greater than he that is
in the world.”

From Br’er Dan

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