Paul has rightly described the church in organic terminology as “The body of Christ.”

In numerous places in the epistles he challenges the churches to make certain that all parts of the body are running, responsible, and visionary, and productive. He encourages members to work to their gifts and skills, in order to do their part to keep the body strong.

The history of WCBC is well documented with the contributions of the various members who have given time and talent toward the building of the kingdom. It is legacy in which we can take pride. It also is a legacy that challenges us as we move through these present times and into the future.

Our five ministry teams are always looking to add and replace members.

Discipleship Team includes planning and implementing those ministries that help members grow into the likeness of our Lord: Sunday School, bible studies, encouraging activities, etc.

Properties Team
tends to our church building and its components. Members offer hands on help, as well as decisions pertaining to the maintenance and repair of our building.

Caregivers Team watches over the life of the body, including visitation, all membership issues, greeting new arrivals, and being mindful of the general and individual spiritual health of our body.

Worship Team works with the Pastor in the development and implementation of the worship life of the church, including areas of music, liturgy, schedule, and special and seasonal emphases.

Please be in prayer about how God can use YOU
in our church community.