Local and National Missions

We honor our long tradition of vital mission involvement by helping our community in a variety of ways.

Our women have been involved with providing needed items for Teen Challenge RI, for McAuley Ministries in Providence and other national ministries through American Baptist Home Missions. The women have also provided a card ministry to generate fellowship among the church women and also as a way to invite others outside of our congregation. Donated funds from this ministry have provided support to those needing encouragement.

Our church provides much needed food items for the West Bay Community Action food program in Warwick, provides funds for scholarships and other needs at the Canonicus Camp and Conference Center in Exeter, and helps to provide needed items for the Building Blocks children’s center.

Our congregation has also sent groups to Oklahoma providing volunteer and ministry supply help at the Murrow Indian’s Children’s Home in Muskogee.

Warwick Central was instrumental in the establishment of the Trudeau Center for our special needs’ population here in Warwick. Rev. P. Bishop Covell, Jr., Pastor Emeritus at Warwick Central was the first in Rhode Island to see a need for adult day care. Through his involvement, Warwick Central was the first in the country to offer this of program. Today this program is ongoing daily, with the church used as a center for this important service.

As a mission outreach, our church facility is used by many outside groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and many other support groups and organizations. Warwick Central has proudly sponsored a Boy Scout troop for 40 years.

Denominational mission programs that we support include World Mission Offering, America For Christ, One Great Hour of Sharing, and the Retired Ministers and Missionaries Fund, with thousand of dollars generously given by our church family each year. In addition, our annual mission budget supports United Mission within the denomination, the Baptist Fund of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island State Council of Churches.

The first Sunday of each month a special offering is taken to support the Fellowship Fund, which is administered by the Diaconate for community needs. The Adult Bible Study class also takes an offering and twice a year sends funds to various needs. This year funds were sent to Teen Challenge RI and to provide needed funds for the dam replacement at Camp Canonicus.

Places You Could Volunteer:


Due to Covid-19 this ministry is on hold.
This is our extended mission project in support of the Church of the Masters’ breakfast program. That program provides a free breakfast on Saturday morning for anyone in the Olneyville area in need. We have provided 6-8 people to help serve and set up every other Saturday each month. It has proved very popular among our congregation.

If you are interested in helping with this most rewarding mission, please contact the church office.


House of Hope CDC
3188 Post Rd.
Warwick, RI 02886
401-463-3324      —    info@thehouseofhopecdc.org

Times are tough for many of us in Rhode Island and across the country. But with the generosity of your time, talents, and financial support, you can make a difference to the child who has had to change schools every three months when his family has to change shelters. You can make a difference to the woman who needs a safe and stable environment to recuperate after breast cancer surgery or to the man who has been sleeping in his car until the weather became too cold.

Together, we can work to alleviate the burden of poverty in our community and bring back hope to all Rhode Islanders. We thank you for your continued support!

Harrington Hall Men’s Shelter — In the Evening

We typically serve 100-120 men each night (more in the colder months) in this 120-bed facility. Shelter guests are provided with a clean and safe place to sleep, dinner, and the opportunity for a shower in the morning. Well-trained professional staff are available to engage shelter guests in services, triage their immediate basic needs, maintain health and safety in the facility, and connect guests with our case management staff.

Generally the shelter is open from 5pm until 7am. At times we open earlier, stay open later, or remain open all day due to inclement weather or excessive heat. In the average year, we provide approximately 35,000 bed-nights and serve nearly 40,000 meals at Harrington Hall.

To learn more, or to volunteer at Harrington Hall, please call us at 401-463-3324  or info@thehouseofhopecdc.org