Monthly Archives: September 2014

Book Study

Warwick Central Baptist Church 3270 Post Road, Warwick, RI  02886   The first book for study will be ” TWELVE ORDINARY MEN” by John MacArthur. This book takes a loot at the original twelve disciples of Jesus and what implications Jesus’ selection of such ordinary men to be his disciples has for our own lives.  … Read more

Pastor’s Page – October 2014

I was jolted into a deeper perception of Middle East realities by a recent article from the pen of Robert Parham, writing for the Baptist Center for Ethics daily newsletter. He offers information concerning the Supreme Council of the Evangelical Churches in Syria and Lebanon, which has issued a “state of emergency” in hopes of… Read more

Pastor’s Page – September 2014

I am pleased that the Worship Team chose to use The Lord’s Prayer as the theme for our summer worship gatherings. We should never think that certain scripture passages have nothing new to offer just because of our familiarity with them. I have personally profited greatly from my own preparations and the insights brought be… Read more